Active since September 2000, GSI has developed and patented several innovative nuclear waste treatment processes. The novel GSI-2000 nuclear waste immobilization process series offers improved waste loadings and can be deployed in active waste treatment facilities. Addressing the growing needs of the nuclear power industry for the treatment of both ongoing waste and of the large stockpiles of untreated nuclear waste, GSI-2000 can potentially generate multi-billion dollar cost savings, a significant reduction in treated waste volume and a shortening of timetables for stockpiles treatment.

GSI also offers two other nuclear waste immobilization technologies, Mineral Encapsulation and Solid Waste Ceramic Immobilization.


Arthur Gribetz, Founder and CEO

Arthur Gribetz served for 20 years in the Office of Israelís Prime Minister, in charge of research and technical projects. He holds a Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, in 1982 he founded and is currently the chief instructor of Tora Dojo Martial Arts Association, Israel. Arthur served in the Israel Defense Forces in the Paratrooper and Intelligence Corps, where he reached the rank of Captain.

Anatoly Chekhmir, Founder and CTO

Anatoly Chekhmir is a physical-chemist. Before joining GSI, he worked for seven years as an experimental geochemist in the Department of Earth Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and nineteen years at the Russian Academy of Sciences at Chernogolovka near Moscow. Anatoly specializes in experimental geochemistry and petrology. He holds a Ph.D. in geochemistry from the Vernadski Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry in Moscow. He has published extensively and is internationally regarded as an expert in his field.

Lawrence Shore, Chemist

Lawrence Shore received a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has over 30 years of industrial experience in the United States working with inorganic materials. Prior to joining GSI, he worked for BASF through its acquisition of Engelhard Corporation. During his career at Engelhard and BASF, Lawrence worked in many areas involving inorganic materials, including analysis and product development.