Technology Transfer

If your company is involved in treatment of nuclear waste, GSI is confident that our technologies can benefit your operations. For example, GSI-2000 can generate significant cost savings to your vitrification plant without the need to invest in capital equipment. Please contact us to explore the potential for collaboration.

We propose the following stages of interaction:

  1. Laboratory-scale demonstration of GSI-2000 with your specific waste composition: after receiving information on the waste of interest we will conduct laboratory-scale glass development work to determine the achievable waste loading with GSI-2000. This phase is performed with no commitment on your part to continue the investigation, and you may discontinue any further activity at your discretion.
  2. Following successful laboratory-scale testing we suggest an engineering-scale demonstration. At this stage we propose a licensing agreement conditional on the successful demonstration of the engineering-scale testing.
This format allows clients to evaluate the cost savings offered by GSI-2000 for their specific waste at laboratory-scale with minimal expense. Once the potential for waste loading improvement has been established, the client may decide to proceed to full-scale testing and implementation.

GSI would be happy to evaluate other mineral or ceramic-based technologies to potentially improve waste loadings in a similar format.